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It's simple really, a shove from the universe unveiled health ​challenges and patterns that would leave me filled with toxins and a bodily system that was not well. As I searched for health through conventional methods I was coming up with few results and treatment plans that were treating symptoms and not the root causes. So I began empowering myself with an alternative approach that included many practices. I began and continue to practice daily affirmations as well as learning more about internal energy systems, chakras. With this learning and healing journey I began experimenting with fermentation. Kombucha weaved a beautiful thread into this healing tapestry that supports me daily!

Thus the offering of 7 flavours to support the balancing of the 7 chakras. Balancing our chakra's is the beginning of a beautiful exploration we can all share. There are so many ways to support our emotional, physical and energetic healing. With each ​blend, in addition to the kombucha itself, we offer an invitation to take a journey within ourselves, to look a little deeper, become more aware and find our inner lights to shine with the world.

The unfolding of this story may express itself through the tastebuds of those whom wish to explore their own health and how kombucha may be of support .

May all beings be free from harm and be filled with kindness and peace.
​~ Namaste ~


OM MANI PADME HUM. While the translation to English has many interpretations and can not really be ​translated into a simple phrase or even a few sentences, literally it refers to the "jewel in the lotus," which represents enlightenment. It is said to understand the phrase is to know enlightenment. All beings naturally have within us the seed of purity, and through the practices of generosity, pure ethics, tolerance and patience, perseverance, concentration and wisdom, we can transform into our fullest potential. Everything you need is already within you!!! The Dalai Lama explains it a bit more eloquently...